Environmental & Remote Monitoring


Over recent years the ability to store, analyse and display data from sensors in remote locations has become an everyday occurance.

Thanks in part, to advances in telecommuications, a reduction in power consumption and of course the internet it is now possible to view data in real-time from any sensor or instrument located worldwide.

We are able to supply, install and maintain various methods of data transmission dependant upon each unique situation. Our extensive knowledge and experience of radio communications ensures that we are able to select the best method of transmission available.

We can provide various methods of data storage and display dependant upon our client's requirements. These range from simple storage with FTP access to a database with Web presentation connections.

Clients currently utilising this technology include Port Authorities, International Hydrographic Survey Companies, Renewable Energy Organisations and Government Research Agencies.


What we do..

Marine Electronics


Providing sales, service and installation of Navigation and Communication equipment onboard commercial marine vessels. 

Survey & Positioning


Providing equipment, installation and support services to the Marine Survey industry

Environmental & Remote Monitoring


 Offering equipment & solutions enabling data transmission, storage & display in real-time from remote sensors.