Survey GPS Systems

Hemisphere A222 Smart Antenna



The A222 GNSS Smart Antenna offers an affordable, portable solution with professional-level accuracy for agricultural, marine, GIS, mapping, and other applications.

Focus on the job at hand with fast start-up and re-acquisition times, 60 cm accuracy, and an easy-to-see LED status indicator for power, GNSS, and DGNSS. The durable enclosure houses both antenna and receiver. It can be powered through various sources, making the A222 smart antenna ideal for a variety of applications. Dual-Serial, CAN, and pulse output options make this DGNSS receiver compatible with almost any interface.

Hemisphere AtlasLink Smart Antenna



Hemisphere GNSS’ AtlasLink multi-GNSS, multi-frequency smart antenna is preconfigured to receive corrections from Atlas GNSS global correction service.

AtlasLink is a versatile smart antenna with a number of first-class features:

  • Utilizes Hemisphere’s Athena GNSS engine
  • Atlas support over L-Band corrections
  • Powerful Atlas web UI accessed via WiFi
  • Internal memory for data logging, download, and upload

Hemisphere VS330 Vector RTK



The Vector VS330 supports precise marine, dynamic positioning, and land applications that require RTK positioning and precise heading performance.

The Vector VS330 utilizes all of the innovations in Hemisphere GNSS’ Eclipse™ Vector technology. Our optimized Eclipse Vector technology brings a series of new features to the Vector VS330 including heave, pitch, and roll output, and more robust positioning and heading performance.

The fully-subscribed Vector VS330 uses Atlas L-band, Beacon, and SBAS for differential positioning.