Sperry Marine VisionMaster FT


 The VisionMaster FT Radar ARPA is the heir to the Sperry Marine Bridgemaster series of radar products. Type Approved to all applicable international standards all radars incorporate complete ARPA functionality, Advanced Clutter Suppresion, Automatic Target Acquisition and Tracking of up to 100 targets, VDR & AIS interfaces, Multilayer user created maps and voyage plans and USB storage device port. 

Furuno FAR21x7 / 28x7


 The FAR21x7/28x7 radar's fully meet the latest performance standards of IMO and IEC for all ships and for ships under 10,000 GT, respectively. DVI (Digital Video Interface) facility is integrated to deliver crisp and clear radar images. Target detection is enhanced by sophisticated signal processing techniques featuring superb short range detection. AIS information scheme can also be incorporated.